Athanasios Dermanis - Armin Gruen - Fernando Sanso (Editors)

Geomatic Methods for the Analysis of Data in Earth Science

Springer-Verlag - Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Vol. 95

A. Dermanis, F. Sanso, A. Gruen:

An overview of data analysis methods in geomatics

A. Dermanis and R. Rummel:

Data analysis methods in geodesy

R. Snieder and J. Trampert:

Linear and nonlinear inverse problems

W. Foerstner:

Image preprocessing for feature extraction in digital intensity, color and range images

P. Fua, A. Gruen and H. Li:

Optimization-based approaches to feature extraction from aerial images

S. Valle, F. Rocca and L. Zanzi:

Diffraction tomography through phase back-projection